Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Question of the day

A new post about refurbishing a SNES is on the way, and in the meantime I was wondering what a Nintendo Engineer could have been thinking during the planning phase of the console?

I just can't get it why... just look at this photo:

What could be the idea behind using 2 different type of screws?

The screws on the right side of the photo are used to hold the plastic case, the others are used inside the SNES. I still don't get it. The inside screws are simple and usual + headed screws, I believe 95% of the average households have a screwdriver to them.

But the other type of screws is something different. It's called.... wait, I need to Google it...

Result: "Torx styled Nintendo security screw"

Now I know. It's the fault of E.M.O.S. aka Evil Manufacturers of Screwdrivers!

You have to use a special set of tools to be able to assemble/disassemble a SNES, this way they will be rich and will rule the world. It might happen slowly, they might rule the world in 50 years or more.


Seriously, does anybody have a good and reasonable explanation to this question? Please share it with me.

Good night.


Today's last thought: I hope you get the irony :)

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