Sunday, October 18, 2015

First steps, like a child - and tools, tools are important

My knowledge about cleaning computers and fixing electronics is very limited (aka. non-existent), still, I'm going to replace some burnt out electronic elements and clean computer parts. It looks like a challenge but I'm not afraid to face it.

But let's start with the things I did so far.
The first item as "exploration of a new territory" was a C64 datassette. I wanted to clean it from top to bottom, inside and outside (it will be the topic of my next post).

I started with searching for information about "cleaning yellowed plastic", which should be one of the critical issues if I want to have a nice and clean computer or computer part.
There is a lot of information about it, for example Retrobright, hydrone-peroxide, etc. After watching videos and making some research I decided to skip learning chemistry. Instead I'm going to test some products to see how this thing works. Decided to use a cream-liquid as it doesn't flow off the parts.

Obviously I would need a screwdriver to disassemble parts. Then I realized I might need a soldering iron as well, in case something needs to be replaced.

Knife. A good knife is a must have item.

Rubber gloves. I'll tell about them later a bit more.

Scissors, duct tape, cellophane, aluminium foil.

Nail polish remover or similar liquid with high percentage of alcohol.

A lot of sunshine. Or UV light, even more than sunlight.

Sponge, and a towel.

Cardboard box. Many.

Patience. A lot.

Oh, and that big white bottle with 12% H2O2 in cream-liquid.


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